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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dungeons & Dragons - A Guide to Tomb of Annihilation

For the next few weeks, I'll be adding to this guide. Hopefully, this will help you plan and prepare Tomb of Annihilation.

I am running an online Tomb of Annihilation campaign on youtube. You can check it out here. The first few episodes use the dinosaur racing rules from City on the Edge. I'll be testing out some new ideas for dinosaur racing in episode 5.

DMs Guild Adept Tie-ins
Adventurers League
I'm going to start off by listing groups of NPCs in clumps. I'll try to put all of their info right here.

List of NPC Guides
  • (pg 33) Guides must register and serve the merchant prince Jobal.
  • Those who don't are "beaten, blinded, or beheaded."
  • Guides charge 5 gp per day, 30 day up front (150 gp).
  • Page 244 has "handouts" that explain what each guide can offer. Hopefully these are available in pdf form somewhere.
(pg 33) Azaka Stormfang: Weretiger (MM pg 210)
  • She hides her lycanthropy as best she can.
  • Will guide group for free if they'll retrieve an item from firefinger (page 52). It's a mask of the beast (page 207).
  • Afraid of heights.
(pg 34) Eku: Couatl (MM pg 43)
  • Wow. She's a couatl polymorphed into the form of a Chultan woman!
  • She knows where Omu is! She's looking for heroes to go there.
  • Eku hates Nanny Pu'pu.
(pg 34) Faroul and Gondolo: Human and halfling scouts (MM pg 349)
  • Two rich dandies who gambled away the money their parents gave them.
  • Own a "flatulent triceratops" named Zongo.
  • Faroul is a human who rarely ues his weapon.
  • Gondolo is a halfling who considers himelf to be a poet/philosopher.
(pg 35) Flask of Wine and River Mist: Tabaxi hunters (page 232)
  • Siblings, members of the Zhentarim.
  • Pay no fees to Jobal.
  • River is female, has an eye patch, prefers jungle to civilization.
  • Flask is male, quiet, defers to sister.
  • The Zhentarim wants them to look for Artus Cimber.
(pg 34) Hew Hackenstone: Dwarf
  • Berserker (MM pg 344)
  • Hew had his arm bit off by a red dragon named Tinder.
  • He wants to go kill the dragon at Wyrmheart Mine (pg 85).
Hew Hackinstone (Chaotic neutral dwarf) AC 13 HP 67 Spd 30 +5 to hit, 7 (d8+3) slashing dmg.
  • Reckless. Has adv to hit, creatures have advantage to hit him.
  • Adv on saves vs. poison.
  • Resistant to poison dmg.
  • Darkvision 60 ft.
(pg 34) Musharib: Albino dwarf spirit warrior (page 210).
  • Wants to reclaim Hrakhamar.
  • Armor made from dinosaur bones.
  • Skullbash: His wooden maul.
(pg 35) Qawasha and Kupalue: Druid (MM pg 346) vegepygmy (page 235)
  • They communicate through unique sign language.
  • Qawasha hates the undead and is a chwinga magnet.
(pg 35) Salida: Yuan-ti pureblood (page 310)
  • Poses as a human guide.
  • Secretly works for Ras Nsi.
  • She communicates with Ras via a sending stone.
  • Good liar, an insult artist. 
(pg 35) Shago: Gladiator (MM pg 346)
  • Son of merchant prince Zhanthi.
  • Works at Fort Beluarian, in league with Flaming Fist.
  • Wants to be proactive about the undead threat.
  • Hopes to move up the ranks by impressing Liara Porter.
Pirate Captains

(pg 67) Elok Jaharwon: Wereboar, captain of the Dragon Fang.
  • They recently threw Zilla Atazi overboard for insubordination. They don't know that she is alive and imprisoned by the yuan-ti (area 8, pg 118).

(pg 67) Laskilar: Human, captain of the Stirge

(pg 21) Ortimay: Female gnome, captain of the Brazen Pegasus.
  • (info from pg 21-22) You can find this ship in the harbor ward (pg 21).
  • You can book passage for 10 gp/day (for the whole group).
  • Co-Captain Dark: gnome bandit captain (MM pg 344), clever and calm.
  • 1st mate Greg Ruddell: male human veteran (MM pg 350), big guy with a heavy greyish beard.
  • Crew: 6 sailors aka bandits (MM pg 343)
  • (pg 67) Zaroum Al-aryak: Human, captain of the Emerald Eye
Merchant Princes: Stuff to know:
  • The 7 richest people in the city.
  • Each has an equal vote in matters of the state.
  • They conduct business at Goldenthrone (page 20).
  • Each has a monopoly on the sale of certain items in the city.
(pg 25) Ekene-Afa: Weapons, shields, traveling gear, canoes etc.
  • She is a famous former gladiator (see "Grand Coliseum" on pg 22).
  • A gladiator (MM pg 346).
  • Her husband is Kura, a painter.
  • She has two twin sons, Sohen (city guard) and Tiryk (dinosaur racer).
  • She sells some magic shields and weapons (list on pg 25).
  • Villa: Has weapon/shields/painting on display. Lots of caged parrots.
(pg 25) Ifan Tal'roa: Beasts
  • A noble (MM pg 348).
  • Sells animals (list on page 26).
  • Trusts no one, has no family.
  • Jealous of Wakanga and Ekene-Afa.
  • Secretly informs the yuan-ti when adventurers are heading their way. 
  • Uses flying snakes as messengers.
  • Only sells flying snakes to the Zhentarim. 
  • Villa: Relics on display. Flying snakes (MM pg 322) flying around.
(pg 26) Jessamine: Plants, poisons, assassinations.
  • Assassin (MM pg 343).
  • Sells all poisons in the DMG (DMG pg 257).
  • Has the death curse.
  • Quiet, usually casts the deciding vote.
  • Has a monopoly on sanctions - legal murder.
  • Villa: Lots of snake decorations/carvings.
(pg 26) Jobal: Guides and mercenaries.
  • Scout (MM pg 349).
  • In charge of the guides (listed on pg 33). 
  • Chief spy/consort is Aazon Talieri (Spy MM pg 349). 
  • Wants Syndra Silvane's map real bad. 
  • Villa: Mounted heads of beasts on display.
(pg 26) Kwayothe: Fruit, wine, perfume, tej, insect repellent.
  • Priest (MM pg 348).
  • Wears a ring of resistance (fire) (DMG pg 192).
  • Worships Kossuth.
  • Enjoys torturing people with hot coals.
  • Consorts include Ixis (succubus MM pg 285) and Indar (incubus pg 285) 
  • Despises Zhanthi.
  • Employs traders who sell tej and insect repellent (pg 31). 
  • Villa: Strong smell of perfume. Braziers always burning.
(pg 27) Wakanga O'tamu: Magic and lore
  • Mage (MM pg 347).
  • Friend of Syndra Silvane.
  • Secret ally of the Harpers.
  • Sells potions and scrolls.
  • Has a journal that can lead to the shield guardian, Vorn.
  • If the group gives Wakanga Vorn's amulet, he will give them a spellbook with 15 random spells in it.
  • Villa: Soft music plays throughout. Flying swords (MM pg 20) and rugs of smothering (MM pg 20).
(pg 27) Zhanthi: Gems, jewelry, cloth, armor.
  • Noble (MM pg 348).
  • Secret member of the Ytepka Society.
  • Her son is Shago, who is at Fort Beluarian. He send her reports on what is happening there.
  • Knows about Liara Porter's deal with the pirates. She has Zindar looking for people to take care of it. 
  • Villa: Suits of gold-plated armor. Bejeweled skulls of ancestors. 
The Death Curse
  • Was activated 20 days ago.
  • Anyone who has previously been brought back from the dead begins to waste away.
  • Their hit point max is reduced by 20, and decreases by 1 every midnight. Once at 0 hit points, they die.
  • The soul of anyone who dies is trapped in the Soulmonger. An atropal eats the souls. Once it ha enough, it will become an evil god.
  • Liches can't trap souls in their phylacteries.
  • The spells revivify, raise dead, resurrection, and true resurrection do not work.
  • The Soulmonger does not affect pre-existing ghosts and spirits. Speak with dead and other spells like it still work normally.
  • When a soul is trapped in the Soulmonger, roll a d20 each day. On a roll of 1, the soul is destroyed.
  • Spells like commune and divination can determine if a soul ha been destroyed yet.
  • The DM decides when the atropal has enough souls to become a guide. It could be months or years.
The Plot
  • The group is in Baldur's Gate. Their friend, Syndra Silvane, has the death curse. She asks the group to go to Chult to find the Soulmonger.
  • Syndra will be dead in 79 days. That's how long the group has to get this done.
  • The Soulmonger is in the Tomb of the Nine Gods, which is located in Omu.
  • Ras Nsi and the yuan-ti are in Omu, trying to end the world.
  • Also in Omu are the trickster gods and their shrines. Each shrine holds a puzzle box that is a key to getting into the Tomb of the Nine Gods.
  • The Soulmonger is feeding soul to an atropal. Once it has enough, it will transform into an evil god.
  • If the heroes destroy the Soulmonger, the death curse is ended.
  • Acererak will attack the heroes. The trickster gods will aid the adventurers in their battle against him
Summary and Leveling Guide
  • (level 1) The heroes explore Port Nyanzaru.
  • (levels 1-6) They explore the jungles of Chult.
  • (levels 5-8) They find the ruins of Omu.
  • (levels 7-9) In Omu, they will battle the yuan-ti.
  • (level 9) Then they will make their way through the Tomb of the Nine Gods.
  • The book says the group will be around 11th level at the end. The tomb is very big.
Meatgrinder Mode: If you want, you can say that the Soulmonger make it so that you only pass a death save on a roll of 15+ instead of 10+.

If a Character Dies: They can't be raised. They need to use a new character.

What's the Seal With Artus Cimber? He is waiting for the city of Mezro to return from a demiplane (he doesn't know that it won't come back until Ra Nsi is slain). His girlfriend, Alisanda, is there. In the meantime, he's searching for the ruins of Orolunga to get advice from the naga there. The frost giants are looking for Artus because they want his ring of winter. This is explained on page 74.

Who is Ubtao?
  • Ubtao was a god who lived among the people of Chult.
  • The constant warring between tribes eventually led to Ubtao deserting them in disgust.
  • The Chultans have made peace in the 100 years since, but Ubtao has not returned.
  • Dinosaurs are revered as Ubtao's sacred children.
Chapter 1: Port Nyanzaru

When the group arrives, Syndra Silvermane will be staying at Wakanga's place. The two main choices for the group are the Thundering Lizard or Kaya's House of Repose.

Encounters: It's easy to overlook page 193, which has a bunch of fun encounters you can use in Port Nyanzaru. Make sure to check it out!

Side Quests: Here's a super-short version of all this stuff:
  1. Collect a Debt: Beat up a gladiator
  2. Create a Distraction: Escort a spy to a jungle fort and create a distraction while the spy steals information.
  3. Escort a Priest: Escort a priest to Camp Vengeance.
  4. Explore the Aldani Basin: Go see if there is a base full of wizards here.
  5. Find Artus Cimber: The daughter of Artus wants the group to find Artus, but there's more to this than it seems.
  6. Help a Dyeing Man: The group has 10 days to kill a certain dude.
  7. Help the Lords' Alliance: If the group can make an accurate map of the locations of two ruins, they get a sailing ship.
  8. Hunt Pirates: Take out 3 pirate ships and capture the captains.
  9. Save an Innocent Man: Help a guy survive a public fight with 2 velociraptors without being noticed by the crowd.
  10. Seek Wisdom at Orolunga: The group is mysteriously directed to speak to a seer who lives south of Mbala.
The Locations in Port Nyanzaru

The city is divided into sections, some of which are outside the city walls.

Old City: This area has 3 ruined ziggurats and people living in bamboo huts.

1. Beggars' Palace (pg 18): There are shops and bamboo tenements on the two larger ziggurats.

2. Executioner's Run (pg 18): Criminals are thrown in this dinosaur pit. Those who escape win their freedom. Crowds gather and bet on these events.

In Encounters in Port Nyanzaru, there is a scenario where a dude falls in and the group has to save him.

3. Refuse Pit (pg 20): People throw their garbage in here. There are otyughs (MM pg 248) at the bottom.

In Encounters in Port Nyanzaru, there's a scenario set here involving an otyugh that is tricking people into coming into the pit.

Merchants' Ward (pg 20): Upper class area full of shops.

4. Goldenthrone (pg 20): Guarded by 8 gladiators (MM pg 345). The Merchant Princes run Port Nyanzaru from this place. If you show up to meet with a prince, there is a 1 in 6 chance they are there. If they are, you'll have to wait d3 hours to meet them.

5. Merchant Prince's Villa (pg 20): There are details on each individual villa on pg 27. Here they are:
  • Ekene-Afa: Lots of caged squawking parrots. Paintings, shields and weapon hanging on the walls.
  • Ifan Talro'a: Flying snakes swoop around freely.  Displays of relics obtained from ruins.
  • Jessamine: Walls and pillars painted with colorful serpents, decorative serpent-themed fountains.
  • Jobal: Silk draperies, mounted heads of beasts.
  • Kwayothe: Reeks of perfume. There are bowls of fruit for you. Oil lamps and braziers are always lit.
  • Wakanga: Lit with continual flame spells. Magic music plays throughout (easy listening?). Doors are arcane locked (PH pg 215. Flying swords (MM pg 20) and rugs of smothering (MM pg 20) abound.
  • Zhanthi: Standing suit of gold-plated armor, bejeweled skulls of Zhanthi's ancestors. 
6. Grand Souk (pg 20): You can buy almost anything in the PH here. No elephants. Heavy armor is rare. Check out page 31, "Buying Special Items". Heavy armor costs 3x the normal price. If the character makes a DC 15 persuasion check, it's 2x. Armor prices are on PH pg 145.

7. Temple of Savras (pg 20): Savras is a god of wizards/fortune tellers.

Head Priest: Grandfather Zitembe (priest MM pg 348)

When the group first meets Zitembe, he is arguing with three members of the Zhentarim (assassins MM pg 343). Zitembe shoos them away. Zitembe can use his magic to locate Omu.

8. Temple of Gond (pg 21): Popular among crafters. There is a huge fountain here that has water jets that create amazing shapes.

9. Temple of Sune (pg 21): Accessible by boat or causeway, an illusion make it look like the roof hovers in the air. When you first go there and meet the clergy, make a Cha check DC 15. Success: You're accepted. Fail: You get pity for being unattractive.

10. Jewel Market: Sells jewels and luxury items. Lots of guards (MM pg 347) and spies (MM pg 349).

Harbor Ward: You can book passage on the Brazen Pegasus for 10 gp/day (for the whole group).

11. Royal Docks (pg 22): Exclusively used by the rich and fabulous.

12. Statue (pg 22): This is Na N'buso, an "ancient king". The statue was made 5 years ago and it is meant to impress outsiders.

13. Harbormaster's Office (pg 22): Outside of this building is a bulletin board that lists the available guides (see pg 33). Zindar is a half-gold dragon who watches over the harbor. His stats are on page 239.

14. Lighthouse (pg 22): It can make colored smoke that can be seen from far away.

15. Fort Nyanzaru (pg 22): It has a chain that can block the harbor. It's got stuff:
  • 2 ballistas: Ballista: +6 to hit, 16 (3d10) damage. It takes an action to load, an action to aim, and an action to fire.
  • 1 noble (MM pg 348).
  • 4 veterans (MM pg 350).
  • 40 guards (MM pg 347).
16. Warehouse District (pg 22): Ships are towed by dinosaurs.

17. Dry Dock (pg 22): Ships get repaired here. Dinosaurs pull ships out of the water.

Market Ward: Middle class area with shops and tradesfolk.

(pages 31-32) Special Items:
  • Canoe 50 gp
  • Insect Repellent 1 gp for 20 doses
  • Rain Catcher 1gp
  • Tej (fermented honey) A mug costs 4 cp, 1 gallon cask is 2 sp.
  • Ylkwa (a type of spear that does d8 dmg) 1 gp
18. Red Bazaar (pg 23): You can buy dinosaur meat (!), vegetables, fruit, tej (fermented honey), insect repellent, rain catchers, etc.

  • The Thundering Lizard: 5 sp/night, raucous clientele. You might want to have someone mention that a tabaxi minstrel disappeared fairly recently. His name is Pottery Shard. He is a prisoner of the yuan-ti (pg 118).
  • Kaya's House of Repose: 1 gp/night, nice place, quiet.
19. Fish Market (pg 23): Prices are higher in the morning.

20. Grand Coliseum (pg 23): Statues of legendary gladiators line tops of the walls. There are events every day. There are some awesome events detailed in City on the Edge.

21. Hall of Gold (pg 23): Temple to Waukeen, goddess of trade and wealth. It is also a major bank. Run by Sibonseni, Mother of Prosperity (priest MM pg 348) she is very popular. When she travels in the streets, she's carried in a sedan chair and accompanied by drummers and dancers.

22. Public Bathhouse (pg 24): Run by priests of Sune. There is no charge, but a donation is requested. A masseuse costs 2d10 sp.

Malar's Throat: Buildings on either side of a ravine, connected by rope bridges.

24. Temple of Tymora (pg 24): This is where the people of Malar's Throat flee to when zombies attack.

Tiryiki Anchorage: Home to animal trainers, river folk and unsavory types. This is where most dinosaurs are trained.

25. Dinosaur Pens: Dinosaurs trained for street racing are stabled here.


(pg 27) 1. Entryway: d4+1 gladiators (MM pg 346).

(pg 28) 5. Garden: Has rare plants (see pg 205).

(pg 28) 7. Sauna: fire elemental (MM pg 125)

(pg 28) 8. Bath: They hold meetings in the bath. You should probably squeeze that in if you can (bring a squeegee).

(pg 29) 10. Library: Full of books on mythical romance. Let's whip some up:
  • Death Betrayed: The Raven Queen and Nerull story.
  • The Brimstone Angel: Faridah and Lorcan.
  • From the Moathouse With Love: Rufus and Burne (from the Village of Hommlet).
  • I, Strahd: Strahd, Tatyana and Sergei.
  • Abyssal Passions: Grazz't and Iggwilv.
  • Crustaceans of Love: The many suitors of Blipdoolpoolp.
  • Hell's Fury: The story of the love triangle between Glasya, Levistus, and Naome (Glasya's mother).
  • Dark Deeds: Lolth and Corellon.
  • Caged Yearning: Shemeshka the Marauder and A'kin the Friendly Fiend.
  • I Love You, Me: The tale of one ettin's erotic awakening.
DC 15 Investigation Check reveals books on Chultan lore, which can be used to help direct players.

12. Master Suite: Treasure chart is on DMG page 136. You might want to roll this ahead of time to keep thing moving.

If there's jewelry, it's in a lockbox that requires a DC 15 thievery check to open.

13. Guard Room: d4+1 gladiators (MM pg 346).

(pg 29) Laws and Punishments
  • The court is not corrupt
  • Slavery is frowned upon
  • Murder is illegal, but you can purchase a "sanction" for 150 gp+ that allows you to whack someone.
(pg 29) Factions
  • Emerald Enclave: They focus on handling the hordes of undead in the jungle.
  • Flaming Fist: A mercenary company from Baldur's Gate. Looking to plunder Omu. Highest ranking member is Liara Portyr (pg 227)
  • (pg 29) Harpers: Secret organization of heroes. Artus Cimber (pg 212) is a former member of the Harpers. He is somewhere in Chult. The Harpers are looking for him. One agent of theirs, Lomar Dral, went missing searching for Artus. Lomar is imprisoned in area 8, pg 118.
  • (pg 29) Lords' Alliance: Sort of lumped in with the Flaming Fist.
  • (pg 29) Order of the Gauntlet: Battling the undead menace. Their camp, Fort Righteous (pg ), was overrun by undead. They set up Camp Vengeance, run by the inept Niles Breakbone.
  • (pg 29) Red Wizards of Thay: They want to steal the Soulmonger. They're at the heart of Ubtao with Xandala (pg 58).
  • (pg 30) Ytepka Society: Protector of the city. Working to track down and eliminate the pirates that are causing problems. They warn people by anonymously delivering an iron token bearing the likeness of a triceratops.
  • (pg 30) Zhentarim: Shady people. The merchant princes use them as guards and hunters. They are looking for Artus Cimber. They want to steal the Ring of Winter from him.
(pg 31) Things to Do in Port Nyanzaru

Buying a Special Item: You can get pretty much everything in the PH. Heavy armor cost 2-3 times more than normal.

Black Market: Using the black market in Tiryiki Anchorage or Malar's Throat requires as DC 15 Deception check. Black Market prices are d4+2 times more expensive!
  • (pg 31)Canoe 50 gp Max speed of 2 mph. Stats of a rowboat (DMG pg 119).
  • (pg 32) Insect Repellent 1 gp for 20 Lasts for 8 hours, 20-foot radius. Vial of salve is 1 gp, lasts for 24 hours.
  • (pg 32) Rain Catcher 1 gp Tarp and frame that can catch and hold up to 8 gallons of water.
  • (pg 32) Tej 2 sp for a 1 gallon cask Fermented drink made from honey. Kwayothe sells this stuff.
  • (pg 32) Yklwa 1 gp a spear that does d8
(pg 32) Dinosaur Racing

A race day has three races:
  • Race for four-legged beasts, muzzled. Ankylosaurs, triceratopses and dimetrodons.
  • Race for two-legged beasts, muzzled. Mostly hadrosauruses and Deinonychuses.
  • "Unchained": All dinosaurs that run. No muzzles. These races are where you are most likely to see young allosauruses and tyrannosauruses. Dinosaurs within 50 feet can attack each other.
  • Ranges from 1 cp to 500 gp
  • If you're not playing out the races, roll on the chart on page 32.
  • Losers who don't pay up are tracked down by d4+1 thugs or gladiators.
(pg 33) Racing

The book talks about heroes who don't race. I would guess most characters will want to take part. It seems tricky to effectively cut from the race to the heroes watching the race. The book suggests letting those players control NPC racers.

Here's how dinosaur racing works:
  • This is abstract. The first racer to get 300 feet (points) wins.
  • Riders can't attack or be attacked. 
  • No initiative rolls?! There are still rounds, though. 
  • Each round, every rider makes an Animal Handling check.
  • Look at the chart on page 32. Each dinosaur has a different DC. If you succeed, you gain its speed (the first number) in points.
  • So, for an allosaurus, you need to roll a 16. If you do, you gain 50 points. Once you have 300, you win.
  • Lashing Your Dinosaur: If you "lash" or whip your dinosaur, you make your animal handling check with advantage. If you succeed, you use the second speed number. If you fail by 5 or more, the dinosaur goes berserk and is out of the race. The dinosaur must make a DC 10 Con check. If it fails, it is at half speed for the rest of the race.
Chapter 2: The Land of Chult

Where's Omu? Check out the map on page 39. Port Nyanzaru is up near the top. Omu is pretty much straight down near the southern coast, next to the Peaks of Flame.

If the group decides to travel by ship, they can hit coastal landing sites like:
  • Jahaka Bay
  • Kitcher's Inlet
  • Refuge Bay
  • Shilku Bay
  • Snapping Turtle Bay
Running the Journey: Here's how it works.

1. Bust out the player's hex map on page 243.
2. Let the group pick their path.
3. One character is the navigator. They must make a survival check. The DC depends on where you are.
  • Coast/Lake is a DC 10.
  • Jungle/mountain/river/swamp/wasteland is a DC 15. Fail: The party is lost. They end up in one of the 6 hexes around them.
4. Generally, the group will travel 1 hex per day.
  • Travel via Canoe: 2 hexes per day.
  • Walk at a Regular Pace: 1 hex per day.
  • Hustle: Roll a d4. Result of 3 or 4 means they travel 2 hexes per day. -5 to perception checks and roll
5. As the heroes travel, they can forage. They make a survival check, DC 10 (the jungle is abundant with food). Success: The forager finds d6 + their Wisdom modifier in pounds of food. Repeat the roll for gallons of water.

(page 38) Dehydration: The group might need some rain catchers for this to be doable.
  • River water is not fit for drinking unless boiled.
  • If a character doesn't drink 2 gallons of water, make a DC 15 con save or suffer 1 lvl of exhaustion (PH pg 291). Those in medium or heavy armor make this check at disadvantage.
  • Check out DMG page 111 for food and water. Each beast of burden is going to require probably 4 pounds of food and 4 gallons of water!
This is a bit of book keeping, but I think you can keep it manageable. It seems like this is meant to be a significant part of the adventure.

(pg 40) Diseases

Mad Monkey Fever: A blue mist rolls around the jungle, covering up to 2,400 square feet. Contact with it: DC 13 Con save. Fail: After d6 hours, you get long term madness (pg 260, lasts d10x10 hours). Once the madness is gone, you save again. Fail means you get long term madness again.

Shivering Sickness: You get this from insects. It kicks in after the next long rest. DC 11 Con save (adv on the roll if you have natural armor). Fail: You regain only 1/2 normal hit points when you spend a hit die, and gain no hit points from a long rest. You also have disadvantage on skill checks and attack rolls. After the next long rest, you can repeat the save.

Throat Leeches: Sweet fancy Moses! If you swallow tainted water, make a DC 12 Con save. Fail: After d6 hours, you gain 1 lvl of exhaustion (PH pg 291). On the next long rest, save again. Fail means you gain another level of exhaustion. Success mean your exhaustion decreases by 1 level.

(pg 40) Random Encounters

On the map, a black skull and bones symbol means an encounter with undead is likely. A red skull and crossbones mean there's even more of a chance.

Starting on page 195 is a massive list of jungle encounters. My favorites:

  • The group finds an abandoned (?) camp with supplies.
  • Artus Cimber shows up to help the heroes when they're in danger or the group coming up a "winterscape" created by the ring of winter (described on page 203).
  • Finding "Treasure drops".
  • A wild boar runs toward the group. It is being chased by deinonychuses.
  • A random chart of dead explorers!!! That's on page 198. I think it would fun to find someone tied to a post covered in honey, soon to be devoured by giant insects if the group doesn't help.
  • A t. rex fighting a horde of zombies or ghouls.
  • Batiri goblins attacking the group's camp at night.
  • One of the sewn sisters steals some hair from a PC at night.
  • A statue of Ubtao that can bless heroes who can solve the maze inscribed upon it.
  • Tri-flower fronds try to infiltrate the group's camp.
  • The group is attacked by a zombie t. rex
  • A wereboar guarding a shrine to Ubtao.
  • Zorbos in wukka trees.

(pg 41) Locations in Chult

Aldani Basin: Named after lobsterfolk (see page 210). They hide in the lakes. When the sky is clear, you can see the Heart of Ubtao (page 58) floating from up to 50 miles away.

Ataaz Kahakla
: The gorge of death! The walls are lined with coral, making a rainbow-colored seascape. There's skeletons of dinosaurs and sharks mixed in, too.

Ataaz Muhahah: A bridge where monkeys hang out. The bridge has maze designs linked to Ubtao. Sometimes the laughter of the monkeys echo and sound like haughty, gloating laughter. This makes the monkeys go silent. There are three special things on this bridge, a shrine, a gap, and hanging vines...
  • (pg 42) Shrine of Ubtao: This statue has gem eyes (worthless gems). The statue is an iron golem. Touch it and you're in for a world of hurt. It will try to push you off of the bridge! It has advantage on athletics checks to do so! Iron Golem is on MM pg 170. It has +7 to athletics checks! That's a 100 foot drop, aka 10d6 damage.
  • Bridge Gap: Jumping rules are on PH pg 182. You can jump your strength score in feet. Remember that the crumbly stone causes a DC 13 Acrobatics check or else you fall.
  • Hanging Vines: Swinging on them is a DC 10 acro/athletics check. Making the monkeys accept you is a DC 10 animal handling. Fail and you are rumbling with d4 baboons! MM pg 318
(pg 42) Ataaz Yklwazi: This gorge is full of sharp stones. The group might encounter:
  • 4 firenewt warriors (volo's pg 142) on giant striders (volo's page 143).
  • Tinder the red dragon (MM pg 98)
(pg 42) Bay of Chult: You have to pay Aremag, the dragon turtle (MM pg 119) to get by! Aremag won't say how much he wants. Roll 2d6x50 gp. That's the minimum he'll take.

He might blow steam at the group. DC 15 Str or Dex save. Fail means you fall overboard where d4 reef sharks (MM pg 336) are hanging out.

(pg 43) Camp Righteous: This camp was overrun by zombies. There's a shrine here. Goblins are hiding, watching. They want the group to deal with the shrine, and then the goblins will steal whatever the group found in there.
Boiling it down, this is a long, trapped hallway with a ruined camp around it.

  • Goblin (MM pg 166)
  • Goblin Boss (MM pg 166)
  • Zombie (MM pg 316)
  • Skeleton (MM pg 272)
  • Allosaurus (MM pg 79)
  • Axe beak (MM pg 317)
  • Poisonous snake (MM pg 334)
6. House of the Man and Crocodile: There's a statue of a man carrying a crocodile on his shoulders, a reference to a Chultan myth where a crocodile tricked a dude into carrying him around for years. Anyone carrying someone on their shoulders won't trigger any trap in here.

That's the hurdle here. I can see some players getting really frustrated with this, because the "get on my shoulders" solution is very "outside the box" and unorthodox. Just be aware of that and drop a clue if you think you have players who might sour the evening over this.
  • 6a. Concealed Pit Trap: Detecting it is a DC 13 Perception with disadvantage. There's a 50% chance each person triggers it. 2d6 falling damage.
  • 6b. Blade Trap: 50% chance that 4 blades slice you: DC 13 Dex save, 18 (4d8) dmg. You can jam the blades.
  • 6c. Puzzle Floor: The floor ha tiles. The door has identical tiles. Looking closely at the door reveals a glowing tile. The door will tell you which tile to step on, one by one. Stepping on a wrong tile is a DC 13 Dex save or 22 fire damage! Yikes.
  • 6d. Puzzle Door: Oof. This one might be a problem. To get through the door in the puzzle room, you need to touch the four glowing squares... while someone is on your shoulders! If the group hasn't figured this out, this might get real frustrating for your players. Touching the wrong squares: DC 13 Con save. Fail: 9 dmg, pushed 10 feet ONTO THE TILES. Success: Half dmg, not pushed.
  • 6e. Treasury: Trapped Steps! Steps 3, 10, 17, and 23... step on one, 20 foot radius ball of lightning! DC 13 Dex save. Fail: 22 damage! Success: Half dmg.
If you grab the jug without someone on your shoulders, bricks fall for three rounds, DC 13 dex save or 10 dmg.

Alchemy Jug (DMG pg 150): You can use this thing to mae 8 gallons of water per day! That's a big deal out in the jungle.

(pg 47) Camp Vengeance: The Order of the Gauntlet is here.
  • Leader: Niles Breakbone. Nice guy, bad leader.
  • Captain Ord Firebeard and Captain Perne Salhana are in charge of 8 veterans and 24 guards.
  • Sister Cyas leads the 6 acolytes.
  • Lorsa Bilwatal and Wulf Rygor lead 15 tribal warriors. 
This scenario involves a sticky predicament:
  • If the group arrives by boat, Commander Breakbones wants the group to bring 7 sick soldiers to Port Nyanzaru.
  • If the group shows up on foot, he wants the group to take 4 guards and 4 tribal warriors on an undead-hunting expedition that will take two weeks.
Getting out of this predicament requires the group being able to win over Ord and Perne.

  • Noble (MM pg 348)
  • Veteran (MM pg 350)
  • Guard (MM pg 347)
  • Acolyte (MM pg 342)
  • Priest (MM pg 348)
  • Tribal Warrior (MM pg 350)
  • Scout (MM pg 349)
  • Goat (MM pg 330)
(pg 49) Dungrunglung: Grung stats are on page 223. This is where the grung live. Getting through the maze that surrounds the settlement could take a session all on its own! You need to make 6 successful DC 15 Survival check to get through. You might want to roll up about 10 maze encounters checks in advance just so you can have it all ready.

Once inside, the group will likely become embroiled in some trickery, teaming up with Krr'ook to trick Groak. Groak wants to make sweet love to the trickster goddess, Nangnang. The group can use Nolzur's pigments to trick him into making it happen.

If things go south, here, the group will be facing 40 grungs and 16 grung elite warriors! You can always have the grung capture rather than kill, chucking the heroes in the pit in area 7.

This might make for a fun chase scene, with the group trying to get out of the maze as the grung chase them.

Maybe.. when the group first gets near Dungrunglung, they see a huge herd of zombies loitering somewhere. That way, if the group ends up being chased by a grung horde, they could lure their grung pursuers into the zombie mob to facilitate their escape!
Stat Stuff:
  • Assassin Vines (pg 213)
  • Ghouls (MM pg 148)
  • Yahcha Beetle (pg 205)
  • Zombies (MM pg 316)
  • Circlet of Blasting (DMG pg 158)
  • Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments (DMG pg 183)
  • Ring of Jumping (DMG pg 191)
(pg 52) Firefinger: This place is home to 10 or more pterafolk. Ascending the pinnacle involves navigating ladders and chimneys. The group will need to pass through a cave with giant spiders, a cave of stirges, a pterafolk lair and another pterafolk lair where the leader, Nrak, lurks.

You can do a lot of fun stuff as the group climbs outside, especially if a member of the group has featherfall. That's kind of a license for you to go nuts, knowing they're OK if they fall.
  • Pterafolk (pg 229)
  • Giant Wolf Spiders (MM pg 330)
  • Stirges (MM pg 284)
  • Aarakocra (MM pg 12)
  • Commune with Nature (PG pg 224)
  • Mask of the Beast (page 207) Lets you cast animal friendship (PH pg 212) 3x per day.
(pg 54) Fort Beluarian: This is where the Flaming Fist hangs out. Their leader, Liara, has a secret deal with the pirates. She has spies in Port Nyanzaru who find out where merchant ships are going and then tell the pirates. Liara gets a cut of the take.

The Flaming Fist expect people to buy a charter from them - a document which "allows" people to explore Chult. If a Fist patrol comes upon people exploring without a charter, they will attack them. A charter is 50 gp, and you can hire up to 6 guards to come with you. You must pay the guards each 1 gp per day.

The bell at 10f. (pg 57) is rung every four hours to signal a change of shift. When used as an alarm, it rings for 30 seconds straight.
NPC List
  • Liara Portyr (stats pg 227) - The evil leader.
  • Gruta Halsottir - Second in command. He does most of the day-to-day work.
  • Korhie Donadrue - Chief armorer.
  • Shilaue K'wenya - Priest of Helm.
  • Thaeven the Bald - Stablemaster.
  • Jaro - A merchant who run the store (area 8, pg 56).
  • Rahl Zuberi - Chultan dinosaur trainer.
  • Sigbeorn Dunebar - Head cook.
  • There are traders here selling stuff for 50% more than prices in the PH.
  • Liara Porter (pg 227)
  • Knight (MM pg 347)
  • Veteran (MM pg 350)
  • Guard (MM pg 347)
  • Spy (MM pg 349)
  • Priest (MM pg 348)
  • Riding Horses (MM pg 336)
  • Warhorse (MM pg 340)
  • Commoner (MM pg 345)
  • Hadrosaurus (page 224)
  • Deinonychus (page 217)
  • Tribal Warrior (MM pg 350)
  • Potion of healing (DMG pg 188)
  • Lesser Restoration (PH pg 255)
  • Purify Food and Drink (PH pg 270)
  • Bowl of Commanding Water elementals (DMG pg 156)
  • Sending Stone (DMG pg 199)
(pg 58) Heart of Ubtao: This is a floating chunk of earth that is shaped like a human heart. This is the home of a villain in disguise. She appears to be an elf, but she is actually Valindra Shadowmantle, a lich and the main villain of the Neverwinter MMO, among other things. She's here to either seize control of the Soulmonger or to destroy it. She probably won't try to kill the heroes and might work with them.
  • Lich (MM pg 202)
  • Swarm of bats (MM pg 337)
  • Zombie (MM pg 316)
  • Girallon Zombie (MM pg 240)
  • Arcane Gate (PH pg 214)
(pg 60) Hisari: These ruins are detailed in the Ruins of Hisari on the DMs Guild.

(pg 60) Hrakhamar: This dwarven forge was taken by firenewts. Albino dwarves want the heroes to take it back. Inside is a treasury with doors that are difficult to open - you need to grab the molds for the keys and actually make the key in the forge.

This place has a 40-foot-long tunnel that connects to Wyrmheart Mine.

The albino dwarves are led by Sithi Vinecutter, who is very blunt. Two of the albinos have been captured. They are in area 9 on page 63. Their names are Laz Drumthunder and Malkar Stonegrist. You might want to somehow work in the story of a firenewt being abducted by yuan-ti. This is Gormax, who is imprisoned on pg 118. Maybe some of the albino dwarves witnessed the abduction.
  • Firenewt warriors (pg 219)
  • Firenewt warlocks of Imix (pg 219)
  • Giant striders (pg 222)
  • Albino dwarf warriors (pg 210)
  • Carrion crawlers (MM pg 37)
  • Giant spiders (MM pg 328)
  • Kobolds (MM pg 195)
I wrote a guide to Imix right here.

(pg 64) Hvalspyd: This ship is 250 feet long and has sails made from white dragon wings. The frost giants sail this thing. They are searching for Artus Cimber and his Ring of Winter. The giants want to use the ring to plunge the world into an ice age.

On the map, they put this ship on the coast. It is to the right of Port Nyanzaru.
  • Frost giants (MM pg 155)
  • Winter wolves (MM pg 340)
(pg 64) Ishau: Sunken ruins teeming with sharks.

(pg 64) Jahaka Anchorage: This is where the pirates lurk.

There is always:
  • One ship at the dock.
  • One ship protecting the area.
  • One ship out plundering and seizing booty.
Finding the Cave:
  • Make a DC 15 perception check
  • Sail through ring of submerged rocks. DC 10 Intelligence check. Fail by 4 or less: ship springs a leak, but no serious dmg. Fail by 5 or more: hip' peed is halved until it is repaired.
6a. Bosco's Bilge: This is a really fun location. It's a tavern for the pirates run by Bosco Daggerhand and his pet deinonychus, Knuckles. Perfect spot for a bar fight!
  • Flying swords (MM pg 20)
  • Bandit (MM pg 343)
  • Thug (MM pg 350)
  • Deinonychus (pg 217)
  • Reef sharks (MM pg 336)
  • Leomund's tiny hut (PH pg 255)
  • Knock (PH pg 254)
  • Ring of animal influence (DMG pg 189)
  • Potion of water breathing (DMG pg 188)
(pg 68) Kir Sabal: This is a safe place for the group. If they go to Nagnalore to get a black orchid, the aarakocra can give them the power of flight!

This monastery is on a high plateau. To get there, you need to spend an hour+ ascending. Make three DC 15 checks:
  • Athletics to climb.
  • Acrobatics to cross gaps in walkway.
  • Perception to avoid parts that won't hold your weight.
Each failure means either you take 10 damage, or gain 1 lvl of exhaustion (PH pg 291). The player chooses which.

This place is home to over 50 aarakocra. They are led by an aarkocra named Asharra, who has special stats:

Asharra: AC 12 HP 31 Spd 20 ft., fly 50 ft.
+4 to hit, 4 dmg
Dive Attack: +3 dmg when I dive 30 feet and hit with melee
Spells: +5 to hit, DC 13
  • Cantrips: Druidcraft, mending, produce flame
  • 1st level: Detect magic, faerie fire, thunderwave
  • 2nd level: Gust of Wind, hold person, lesser restoration
  • 3rd level: Call lightning, wind wall
STR 10 DEX 14 CON 10 INT 14 WIS 17 CHA 11
History +4, Insight +5, Perception +7
Speaks Auran and Common

Princess Mwaxanare: She is the rightful ruler of Omu, and she is your classic stuck up princess type. She asks the group to retrieve the Skull Chalice of Ch'gakare from Omu for her. She will likely develop romantic feelings for one of the heroes. I'm all over this one.

The Dance of the Seven Winds: This will give the group the ability to fly (speed 30) for 3 days! Pretty sweet.
  • Aarakocra (MM pg 12)
  • Princess Mwaxanare (pg 228)
  • Gargoyles (MM pg 140)
  • Potion of poison (DMG pg 188)
(pg 72) Kitcher's Inlet: Provides access to Port Castigliar and Mezro.

(pg 72) Lake Luo: Portions of this lake boil, sending up clouds of steam. There are no fish in here.

(pg 72) Land of Ash and Smoke: Gray, barren valley that has streams of lava. Tzindelor the red dragon lurks here.

(pg 72) Mbala: This ruined village is home to Nanny Pu'pu, a hag who poses as an old crone. She can turn dead heroes into undead adventurers. Before doing so, she'll ask the group to take out a bunch of pterafolk that have been causing her problems.

The Ritual of Stolen Life: This takes an hour. The group will need to provide a few things:
  • A gem worth at least 100 gp.
  • A living humanoid that must be sacrifice.
The Undead Character:
  • Is undead! Doesn't need to sleep/eat/breathe.
  • Hit point max is reduced by d4 every day! They're rotting away.
  • Once their HP max is 0, the gem embedded in their forehead shatters and they are a corpse once more.
You might want to reduce the HP Max by just one point per day. The heroes are traveling at one hex per day, and there's a lot of hexes on that map! Players might not be too thrilled running an undead version of their character that has 15 hit points and goes down with one shot in every encounter.

Nanny Pu'pu: Nanny Pu'pu wants to eat our heroes. She'll try to isolate them. Her monkeys won't help, but she's got a flesh golem buried in the earth ready to give someone a whuppin. Remember.. she's a green hag, so she can turn invisible, make herself look like other people, and even imitate sounds and voices. This makes it very possible for her to get close to an isolated PC and strike them down quietly.
  • Green Hag (MM pg 177)
  • Flying Monkey (pg 220)
  • Flesh Golem (MM pg 169)
  • Comprehend Languages (PH pg 224)
  • Potion of Greater Healing (pg 187) heals 4d4+4
(pg 74) Mezro: The Flaming Fist patrols this place regularly. It is fully detailed in the Ruins of Mezro supplement on the DMs Guild.

(pg 74) Mistcliff: 1,000 foot-high cliffs that are home to aarakocra, pteranadons, and other flying monsters.

(pg 74) Nangalore: You might want to ask in advance which characters, if any, are trained in Medicine. It might come into play in area 8, pg 79.

The group can explore this exotic, ruined garden and learn that Zalkore ruled this place, and mistakenly thought that her husband Thiryu-kaya betrayed her. She realized that he hadn't after he died. Now she does drugs to pretend he is still with her.

She also got turned into a medusa by an erinyes.

The final encounter can go many different ways. She's covered and it is not obvious she is a medusa. She talks as if her husband is there. If the group messes with his ashes or badmouths him, things get ugly quick. She might might try to feed them poison food. If the group is here for the black orchid, she will trade it for valuables or an attractive slave.

Tons of encounters in this place:
  • Have that plant page ready (pg 205).
  • Crocodiles (MM pg 320)
  • Mantrap (pg 227)
  • Yellow musk zombies (pg 237)
  • Yellow musk creeper (pg 237)
  • Almiraj (pg 211)
  • Asassin vine (pg 213)
  • Chwinga (pg 216)
  • Flying monkeys (pg 220)
  • Jaculis (pg 225)
  • Giant Spider (MM pg 328)
  • Swarms of poisonous snakes (MM pg 338)
  • Tri-Flower Fronds (pg 234)
  • Eblis (pg 219)
  • Medusa (MM pg 214)
  • Folding boat! (DMG pg 170)
(pg 80) Needle's Bones: This is a muddy pool with the bones of a dead dragon in it. There is a secret compartment that holds some treasure.
  • Swarm of quippers (MM pg 338)
  • Wand of Fear (DMG pg 210)
(pg 80) Nsi Wastes: This area is where Ras Nsi's old ruined fortress is. The area around it is full of sickly, poisonous plants.

(pg 80) Omu: This is what all of chapter 3 will be about.

(pg 80) Orolunga: This is a ziggurat with rows of magical steps. The only way to ascend is to use the steps, you can't fly, teleport, etc. Each set of steps has a special solution.
  1. First Steps: Has thorns that do damage to you. Hold an orange and a purple orchid.
  2. Second Steps: These will crumble beneath your feet unless you hold the orchids and carry a red parrot feather.
  3. Third Steps: This is where it gets funky. There's all these poisonous snakes on the steps. You have to swallow a poisonous snake. Then you'll be able to slither up the steps!
Past the steps is Saja N'Baza's Shrine. She is a guardian naga who knows a lot:
  • She knows that Mezro won't return until Ras Ni is dead.
  • She knows where Omu is.
  • She knows that Ras Nsi and the yuan-ti are scheming to end the world.
  • She might give the group a supernatural charm (DMG pg 228). It's a bit hard to figure what charm is appropriate. I guess vitality or heroism. (gain 10 temp HP, and add a d4 to attack rolls and saving throws for the next hour).
Stat Stuff:
  • Guardian naga (MM pg 234)
  • Chwinga (MM pg 216)
  • Swarm of poisonous snakes (MM pg 338)
(pg 82) Port Castigliar: Just a stretch of beach. Undead chased people off a long time ago.

(pg 82) Refuge Bay: Safe place to land a ship. There is a sunken village in the water teeming with sharks.

(pg 82) River Olunga: Steaming hot water from Lake Luo flows down rapids. To the west lies dangerous, undead-infested territory.

(pg 82) River Soshenstar: Flows north, lots of waterfalls.

(pg 82) River Tath: River goes from Aldani Basin to Jahaka Bay.

(pg 82) River Tiryiki: Very dangerous river! Lot of waterfalls, lots of predators on the banks.

(pg 82) Shilku: A village destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Flaming Fist thinks there's treasure here. Lots of mephits, firenewts, salamanders, etc.

(pg 83) Shilku Bay: Lava pours into the bay, making the water poisonous.

(pg 83) Snapping Turtle Bay: A beautiful beach that ha dangerous vegetation. There are cyclopes here that aren't necessarily hostile, and a giant snapping turtle named King Toba.
  • Cyclopes (MM pg 45)
  • Giant Snapping Turtle (page 222)
(pg 83) Snout of Omgar: This is the home of the tortles, described in the Tortle Package by Chris Perkins.

(pg 83) Valley of Dread: Home to lots of dinosaur and lizardfolk kingdoms.

(pg 83) Valley of Embers: Land ruined by lava and ash. Marchlands north of the lake are nearly impassable.

(pg 83) Valley of Lost Honor: This is where Wyrmheart Mine (home of Tinder, the Red Dragon) and Hrakhamar (the dwarven forge overtaken by firenewts) are.

(pg 83) Vorn: This statue is actually a shield guardian. The amulet that controls it is in the goblin village of Yellyark.

(pg 84) Wreck of the Narwhal: This ship mysteriously crashed here long ago. Now it is home to a weretiger and his vegepygmy friends. The weretiger is actually the cousin of the merchant prince Wakanga O'tamu. He is a potential ally, and he wants to trade gems to the group for wine.

(pg 84) Wreck of the Star Goddess: This is a crashed Halruaan flying ship up in the trees. There are 8 ghouls underneath it, and once the group tries a rescue, 3 girallon zombies attack the wreck

The survivors are stuck in the wreck, are hungry and suffering from level 4 exhaustion (PH pg 291). That's disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls and saves, half speed, half hit point max! They're pretty close to death.

  • Captain Thasselandra Bravewing.
  • Ra-Das - Master-of-Arms.
  • Falx Haranis.
  • Crew: Brax, Nhar and Veliod.
  • One member of the crew, Oloma Authdamar, is alive elsewhere. he is currently a prisoner of the yuan-ti (see pg 118).
  • Ghouls (MM pg 148)
  • Girallon Zombies (page 240)
  • Noble (MM pg 348)
  • Scout (MM pg 349)
  • Veteran (MM pg 350)
  • Guard (MM pg 347)
(pg 85) Wyrmheart Mine: The group might be tempted to ride a mine cart down the slope. If they do, ask if they use the brake or not. Once they roll by area ten, the kobolds will drop a boulder on them and it is easier for them to hit if the group is using the brake.

The rolling boulder will go from 6c onto the tracks and roll on a clockwise path down the track, past 7, 8, 9, 10 and crash into 11.
  • Specters (MM pg 279)
  • Kobold inventor (pg 226)
  • Kobold (MM pg 195)
  • Winged kobold (MM pg 195)
  • Quippers (MM pg 335)
  • Young Red Dragon (MM pg 98)
  • Mithral breastplate (DMG pg 182)
  • Potion of Greater Healing (DMG pg 187) 4d4+4
(pg 85) Yellyark: This is a very amusing place but it might be tricky to describe to the players. They have a helpful diagram on the map. Basically, if the village is in danger, they cut a vine that pulls the village into a giant sack and flings it thousands of feet away.

There's a million fun things that can come out of this, but it will be ruined if they don't have a clear mental picture of what this is. The most confusing part of the description for me was saying that the tree is "bent down like a giant spring," so maybe omit that or alter it.

Queen Grabstab: She is wearing the amulet that controls Vorn, the shield guardian.
  • Goblin boss (MM pg 166)
  • Goblins (MM pg 166)
  • Swarm of insects (MM pg 338)
Chapter 3: Dwellers of the Forbidden City

  • Ubtao left Chult in disgust, and the city fell into chaos.
  • 9 Trickster gods took Ubtao's place.
  • The tricksters built shrines that tested the mettle of their followers.
  • 100 years ago, Acererak showed up and killed the trickster gods.
  • Acererak forced the Omuans to build his dungeon, and then he killed them all.
  • 50 years ago, yuan-ti showed up and built a temple
  • Ras Nsi joined them. They wait for Dendar to come out and end the world.
(pg 93) Factions in the City: You can use these factions in the city as you please:
  • Yuan-ti (MM pg 309): They patrol the city.
  • Grung (pg 223): They live on rooftops around Nangnang's shrine.
  • Vegepygmies (pg 234): The tribes revere the Great Rift.
  • Kobolds (MM pg 195): Acererak ordered them to maintain the shrines.
  • Red Wizards of Thay (mage, MM pg 347): They are searching for the tomb. 
  • 3 Tabaxi hunters (pg 232): Hooded Lantern (he is preparing to die fighting the t. rex), Bag of Nails (she is inquisitive and wry), and Copper Bell (he has gone insane).
(pg 94) Puzzle Cubes: These cubes are needed to get into the Tomb of the Nine Gods.
  • 3 inches to a side, weighs half a pound.
  • Each has the symbol of one of the trickster gods.
  • Can't be destroyed by any means.
  • If taken more than a mile from Omu, they teleport back to their respective shrines. 
  • The group will end up with 5 of them. The Red Wizards have 2 and Ras Nsi has one.
(pg 204) There are a few random encounters set in Omu on pg 204:
  • 2d4 gargoyles with nets (MM pg 140).
  • 1d6 giant spiders (MM pg 328).
  • The King of Feathers, a t. rex (See area 13, pg 106).
  • Kobolds on their way to touch up a shrine (MM pg 195).
  • (pg 95) Exploring the ruins. the group travels 200 feet every 5 minutes due to thick undergrowth 200 feet per minute if they throw caution to the wind. 
(pg 95) Searching Buildings: Bunch of things the group might find:
  • Assassin Vines (pg 213).
  • Collapsing Floor: One random hero must make a Dex save DC 12. Fail: Fall 20 feet and roll on the table again.
  • Mad Monkey Mist (pg 40): DC 13 Con save or gain long-term madness after d6 hours.
  • Nest: Stirges, Swarms of poisonous snakes, giant wasps (anyone who takes dmg from them must make a DC 11 Con save or get shivering sickness, which is described on pg 40).
  • Plant Discovery: These are all described on page 205.
  • Treasure: 1d6 art objects worth 25 gp each.
  • Vegepygmies (pg 234: Not in a fighting mood! Cower and flee if possible. 
(pg 95) 1. City Entrance: 5 yuan-ti malisons will quietly follow the group. When the group takes a rest, they attack.

(pg 96) 2. Walled Compound: A lot of Red Wizards were killed here. One is trapped in rubble, and calls out for help.
  • 3 levels of exhaustion = (PH pg 291) Half speed, disadv on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws.
  • Spy (MM pg 349)
  • Jackal (MM pg 331)
(pg 97) 3. Kubazan's Shrine: To get in, you need to find the key (in the mouth of the statue) and avoid or defeat the froghemoth. Inside, you need to platform jump over a spiked pit and grab the cube. When you grab the cube, poison gas does 10 points of dmg per round for 1 minute or until you can get through the sealed exit.
  • Froghemoth (pg 221)
  • Glyph of Warding (PH pg 245)
  • Fear (PH pg 239)
(pg 97) 4. Shagambi's Shrine: Two kamadans guard this place. Inside, the heroes need to obtain 4 spears from clay guardians and lace the spears into the hands of statues.
  • Kamadan (pg 225)
  • Gladiator (MM pg 346)
(pg 100) 5. Great Rift: Hey! Don't fall in. You take 70 bludgeoning from the fall and 55 fire from the lava (per round). When the group comes here, vegepygmies are about to sacrifice a grung.
  • Grung (pg 223)
  • Vegempygmies (pg 234)
  • Vegepygmy chief (pg 235)
  • Thorny (pg 233)
(pg 101) 6. Moa's Shrine: The shrine is guarded by 4 jaculi. Taking a cube causes statues to animate and launch arrows at the group. There's actually 2 fake cubes that vanish once you take them out of the shrine. The real one is in a secret room. On the way out, the pit traps activate - DC 15 Dex save to avoid. Falling in means d6 damage and landing in green slime.

Statues: AC 17 HP 30 +6 to hit, 5 (d8+1) piercing dmg.
  • Immune: Non-magic weapons, poison and psychic dmg.
(pg 102) 7. Fallen Tree: If the group tries to cross the river on this tree, Bag of Nails attacks! He gives up if reduced to half his hp, and takes them to his place where he serves them (poisoned) stew.
  • Jaculi (pg 225)
  • Assassin (MM pg 343)
  • Midnight Tears (DMG pg 258) At the stroke of midnight, make a DC 17 Con save or take 31 poison dmg, half on success!
(pg 102) 8. Unkh's Shrine: The puzzle cube is in a locked pedestal. There is a shed that has hundreds of keys to choose from, and six more are in the shrine. Only one opens it. Using the key puts you in a world of hurt! The six keys in the shrine can combine to show what the real key looks like, which is hanging in the shed with all the other keys in it.
  • Ghouls (MM pg 148)
(pg 103) 9. Adventurers' Camp: This campsite was home to a group of heroes that are now dead. The group can find a parchment (pg 250) which, to me, is kind of hard to read. It talks about how Lord Brixton thinks that the Eye of Zaltec is in the tomb, and that the shrines are the key to opening the doors to the tomb. If the group stay here for an hour or more, a red wizard and 2 mercenaries show up looking for trouble.
  • Mage (MM pg 347)
  • Thug (MM pg 350)
(pg 103) 10. I'jin's Shrine: First the heroes must cross a puzzle floor (you have to step on a different animal tile with each step) and then navigate a trapped maze.
  • Almiraj (pg 211)
(pg 104) 11. Chwinga Wagon: The chwinga (pg 216) here loves hair and might become a buddy to a hairy PC. The group can find a tablet here that will allow them to translate Old Omuan.

Green Slime (DMG page 205): DC 10 DEX save, 5(d10) acid damage. It does 11 acid to wood or metal. It does this damage until scraped off.

(pg 105) 12. Wongo's Shrine: This one is fun. You can look through masks that help you figure out how to get the puzzle cube. You need to pour water into one of 4 cupped hands or feet. Some heroes might get turned into an animal for 24 hours!
  • Zebra (riding horse) (MM pg 336)
  • Su-Monster (pg 232)
  • Lion (MM pg 331)
  • Boar (MM pg 319)
  • Vulture (MM pg 339)
(pg 106) 13. Amphitheater: This is the home to the King of Feathers, a special t. rex! Here's his stats:

King of Feathers: AC 13 HP 200 Spd 50 +10/+10 each 10 ft., 20 bludgeoning/33 piercing dmg. If tgt is medium or smaller, it is grappled (escape DC 17). Until this grapple end, the target is restrained, and the tyrannosaurus can't bite another target.
  • Legendary Resistance (3/Day) If it fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead. 
  • Can see invisible creatures
  • Can cast misty step at will.
  • (rchg 5-6) Summon Swarm: Exhales a Swarm of insects (MM pg 338) that disperses after 1 minute.
  • T. Rex (MM pg 80)
  • Swarm of insects (MM pg 338)
  • Deinonychus (pg 217)
  • Helm of telepathy (DMG pg 174)
(pg 106) 14. Tomb of the Nine Gods: This is what chapter 5 and the rest of the book will be about!

(pg 106) 15. Ruined Bazaar: There's 6 traps in here. Catapults that use a kobold inventor (see pg 226) power. I would go with the green slime pots, as that seems fun. Fire makes no sense because they'd burn their own home down.
  • Kobold (MM pg 195)
  • Kobold scale sorcerer (pg 226)
  • Kobold inventor (pg 226)
  • Potion of greater healing (pg 187) 4d4+4
(pg 107) 16. Papazotl's Shrine: This one might frustrate some groups. First they have to answer a riddle, then they find that they simply can't remove the box. They'll need to find a secret room, solve a puzzle to get a clue that will help them remove the box.
  • Crocodiles (MM pg 320)
(pg 108) 17. Waterfall: A character will have a vision of Acererak and during each long rest, they dreams it again, with Acererak getting closer each time.

(pg 108) 18. Nangnang's Shrine: It is guarded by grungs. Once inside, there all of these (illusory) treasure). You must offer a treasure to Nangnang to get the puzzle box.

(pg 109) 19. Obo'Laka's Shrine: Guarded by 4 zorbos. This one is a bit complicated. The group has to deal with some teleporting pools. If they grab the puzzle cube... they might turn to stone! This check must be made every round. They have to figure out how to shut this down (put torches in sconces) and then figure out how to transport the torches without putting out the flames.
  • Zorbo (pg 241)
  • Mage (MM pg 347)
  • Immovable rod (DMG pg 175)
(pg 110) 20. Royal Palace: This place has a secret entrance to the yuan-ti lair.
  • Yuan-ti malison (MM pg 309)
Chapter 4: Fane of the Night Serpent

Ras Nsi has taken the final puzzle cube. The group will have to go into the fane and get it.
Ras Nsi is suffering from the death curse and doesn't know the cause. Yuan-ti rivals are preparing to dispose of him.

  • She wants to overthrow Ras Nsi
  • She wants to find the Black Opal crown, which is in the tomb.
  • She might try to get the group to create a distraction so she and her allies can kill Ras.
Infiltration: Pretending to be a yuan-ti requires a DC 15 Deception check (non-humans have disadvantage)

Alarm: If the gong in room 9 is rung, most creatures stay where they are. Here's the creatures that investigate (they are from rooms 11, 16, 17 and 18):
  • Sekelok (champion variant) (pg 216)
  • 5 type 1 malisons (this includes Yahru from 17) (MM pg 309)
  • 4 type 2 malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 2 type 3 malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 3 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
  • 6 yuan-ti purebloods (pg 310)
  • 2 gladiators (MM pg 346)
Capture: If the group is captured, they are bound and their gear is put in room 13. There is a fair chance that the gas trap in area 3, pg 116 will take out the group.

When captured, the heroes are put in the pit in room 8. After an hour, Yahru (from area 17) will question them. If the group is calm, he brings them to Fenthaza. If they are rude/defiant, he brings them to Ras Nsi.

If Ras finds out the group is trying to end the death curse, not only will he free them, he'll give them the puzzle cube!

If the Group is Brought Before Fenthaza:
  • Fenthaza will force the group to perform slave labor for one day (chart on page 112 how their tasks). If the group does the tasks, she'll tell them to assassinate Ras Nsi.
  • They get the puzzle cube they need.
  • She give them the passphrases to area 4.
  • She will change the group into yuan-ti!! If they want. The transformation ritual is described on page 119.
  • The group must start a slave uprising while Fenthaza goes to kill Ras.
  • She will then try to kill the heroes.
Teleporters (pg 116): Remember that this only transports the person using it, not the whole group! Must be trained in arcana, if they don't have a destination in mind, they appear on a random teleporter elsewhere in the fane.

Teleporter locations:
  • (pg 118) 8. Prisoner Pits
  • (pg 119) 9. The Fane
  • (pg 120) 10. The Harem
  • (pg 121) 11. Throne Room 
(pg 114) 1. Main Gate: Nahth can be bribed with 10 gp or food. Those snake pits are right by the doors! Jumping rules are on PH pgs 182 and 190.
  • Long Jump: Move at least 10 feet before you jump. You cover a number of feet up to your Strength score. If you don't move 10 feet, you can leap only half that distance. Either way, each foot you jump costs a foot of movement.
  • High Jump: Move at least 10 feet first, You leap 3+your STR mod in feet. From a standing position: Half that.
  • Nahth, type 1 malison (MM pg 309)
  • 4 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
  • Swarm of poisonous snakes (MM pg 338)
(pg 116) 2. Hall of War: The basilisks are chained to a wall. If a fight breaks out, one broodguard runs to area 9 to hit the gong, sounding the alarm. That gong is not far at all! It is possible for a yuan-ti to run and hit it in a single round, but maybe give the group a round to try to stop it from happening.
  • Soakosh, yuan-ti pureblood (MM pg 310)
  • 4 yuan-ti broodguard (pg 238)
  • 2 basilisks (MM pg 24)
  • Triceratops (MM pg 80)
(pg 116) 3. Hall of Serpents: Murals of Dendar and Ra Nsi. Hey, there's a button on the wall! Let's press it! DC 13 Con save, fail: You're unconscious! This gas lingers for one minute. Egad! This is where you roll out the captured scenario.

(pg 116) 4. Armory: If you know the passwords to get in the door and pacify the naga, you're good! If not, the door is arcane locked and the naga comes at you. There is a shield in here with the hilarious trait of amplifying everything you say ten times louder.
  • Arcane lock (PH pg 215)
  • Knock (PH pg 254)
  • Bone naga (MM pg 233)
  • 2 minotaur skeletons (MM pg 273)
(pg 117) 5. Fenthaza's Quarters: There's an urn with an air elemental in it. It serves Fenthaza. She has keys to the shackles of the prisoners in room 8.

Looking at the map, this is a tiny room. This fight will spill out into the hallway and possibly room 6, where the chanting skulls can aid the bad guys.
  • Fenthaza, yuan-ti nightmare speaker (pg 239)
  • 2 type two yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • Air elemental (MM pg 124)
(pg 117) 6. Sacrificial Chamber: This is very cool. The skulls chant, giving any yuan-ti resistance to non-magic weapons and advantage on saving throws vs. magic/magical effects! Not too shabby!

There's a lever in here that opens the portcullis that blocks area 8.
  • 4 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
(pg 118) 7. Evil Oracle: This pool is super evil:
  • Get in: You take 5 (d10) psychic dmg when you enter/start turn in it
  • Look in: Make a DC 15 Wis save. Fail: Take 5 (d10) psychic dmg and gain a random form of long-term madness (pg 260, lasts d10x10 hours).
  • 3 type three yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • Eldritch blast (PH pg 237): +5/+5 to hit (two beams), d10+3 force dmg per beam.
  • Minor Illusion (PH pg 260)
  • Poison Spray (PH pg 266): Rg 10 ft, Con save DC 13 d12 poison dmg. 
(pg 118) 8. Prisoner Pits: There's a winch that will lift the grate off of the pits.There is a teleporter in here.

Escaping Manacles (PH pg 152): Escape is a DC 20 Dex check. Breaking them is a DC 20 Str check.

  • Tahvo: human boy (AC 10 HP 2) wearing a flower garland.
  • Sev: Yuan-ti pureblood (MM pg 310) who had long-term madness.
  • Oloma Authdamar: Scout (MM pg 349) who survived the crash of the Star Goddess (pg 84)
  • Pottery Shard: Tabaxi minstrel (pg 233)
  • Gorvax: Firenewt warrior (pg 219)
  • Lomar Dral: Human mage (MM pg 347). A harper searching for Artus Cimber.
  • Mung: batiri goblin (MM pg 166), suffering from three levels of exhaustion (PH pg 291) Half speed, disadv on ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws..
  • Kanuh Natombe: Tribal warrior (MM pg 350), malnourished. 4 levels of exhaustion (PH pg 291) That's disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls and saves, half speed, half hit point max.
  • Zilla Atazi: A pirate (bandit, MM pg 343) of the Dragonfang who was thrown overboard for insubordination.
(pg 119) 9. The Fane: Lots of things in here:

Cauldron: Upturning it is a DC 15 Str check. Each creature in a 15-foot cone must make a DC 12 Dex save. Fail: 4 (1d8) fire dmg, half dmg on success.

Portcullis: Blocks area 10. There's a lever to raise it.

Balcony: Climb up there is a DC 13 Athletics check. It gives half cover vs. ranged (half cover: +2 bonus to AC and Dexterity saving throws)

Yuan-ti Ritual:
  • Once every 10 days. Takes all night. Most of the yuan-ti take part.
  • Sometimes, slaves are eaten. Other times, humans are transformed into yuan-ti.
  • You are drugged. Then you bathe in blood of sacrificial victims.
  • You gain d6 levels of exhaustion (PH pg 291). If you live, you gain indefinite madness (DMG pg 260) and rest in area 18.
  • You gain Darkvision 60 ft.
  • At will: Poison spray (PH pg 266), animal friendship on snakes only PH (pg 212). At lvl 3, you can cast suggestion (PH pg 279).
  • Immune to poison.
  • Advantage on saves vs. spells/magical effects.
  • If you die, you are fed to the hydra in 21.
  • The transformation can only be undone with a wish spell!
(pg 120) 10. The Harem: Home to Ras Nsi's concubines! This is where the magic happens.

Ishmakal: A doppleganger spy allied with the Red Wizards, secretly thinking of defecting to the side of the yuan-ti.

Scandal: Sekelok (from area 11) is secretly engaging in ACTIVITIES OF PASSION with a concubine named Neema. Sekelok is Ra Nsi's personal bodyguard, so if the group finds out about this, they can do some hilarious stuff with it.
  • 11 yuan-ti purebloods (MM pg 310)
  • 1 doppleganger (MM pg 82)
  • 2 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
(pg 120) 11. Throne Room: During the daytime, Ra is in here. At night, he's in area 12.
  • Ras Nsi (pg 230)
  • 2 type one yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • Sekelok (altered champion, pg 216)
  • 3 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
  • 4 ghouls (MM pg 148)
Sekelok AC 18 HP 143 +9/+9/+9 12 slashing, plus another 7 if I have more than half my hp left.
  • (2/Day) Indomitable: Reroll a failed save.
  • (Bonus action, 1/Rest) Second Wind: Regain 20 HP
  • Immune: poison
  • Darkvision 60 ft.
  • Adv on saves vs. spells/magical effect
  • At will: Poison spray (PH pg 266), animal friendship (on snakes only) (PH pg 212).
  • 3/day: Suggestion (PH pg 279) DC 13
(pg 121) 12. Ras Nsi's Lair: Ras can tell the group everything about puzzle cubes, Acererak, etc. He doesn't know about the Soulmonger.

(1/Rest) Flying Shields: As a bonus action, Ras can call forth the shields to give himself a +10 to AC! +10! Each time they block an attack that would normally hit, a shield falls to the ground and Ras loses 2 AC.
  • Ras Nsi (pg 230): He's in here at night.
  • Flame Tongue (DMG pg 170)
  • Sending Stone (DMG pg 199)
(pg 121) 13. Storeroom: Azi Mas, an awakened constrictor snake, is lurking in the shadows. He's lonely and somewhat cowardly.

Incense: If you light it, a cloud fills a 20-foot-diameter sphere. All within it must make a DC 16 Con save or fall into a dreamlike stupor that lasts for one hour - once they've been removed from the cloud!
  • Giant constrictor snake (MM pg 324)
(pg 122) 14. Venom Distillery: The door has a whole thing happening:
  • It's locked. Pick It: DC 15 Dex check w/thieves tools.
  • Spot The Trap: DC 20 Perception
  • Disable: DC 12 Dex check.
  • Poison Needle Trap: DC 16 Dex save. Fail: 5 poison dmg, blinded.. permanently! Lesser Restoration will restore your peepers.
Xopal has a Syringe: +3 to hit, 1 piercing dmg and DC 14 Con save or 10 poison dmg (half dmg on success) and poisoned whether or not the save succeeds! They're kicking it up a notch in this dungeon.

Bottle Hazard: Spells like Thunderwave will cause the bottles of poison to shatter. 15-foot-sphere of poisonous vapors, DC 15 Con save. Fail: 18 poison dmg (even if you hold your breath).

Jug: Open this jug? More Gas!! The knock-out gas fills the room! DC 13 Con save, fail: You're unconscious for an hour. This gas lingers for one minute.
  • 1 yuan-ti pureblood (MM pg 310)
  • 5 zombies (MM pg 316)
  • 20 doses of serpent venom DC 11 Con save. Fail 10 poison dmg, half on a successful one.
  • 5 doses of essence of ether (DMG pg 258) Inhaled, DC 15 Con save of be poisoned and unconscious for 8 hours. You can be awakened by dmg/being shook.
  • 5 doses of torpor (DMG pg 258) Ingested, DC 15 Con save or poisoned and incapacitated for 4d6 hours.
(pg 122) 15. Snake Pit: Fall in, 5d6 dmg and snakes!
  • Swarm of Poisonous Snakes (MM pg 338)
(pg 122) 16. Blood Baths: The yuan-ti bathe in blood. laves tend to them.
  • 4 yuan-ti purebloods (MM pg 310)
  • 2 type two yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 5 commoners (MM pg 345) (names on pg 12. Here's some: Olu, Yapa, Fipya, Mainu and Lorit)
(pg 123) 17. Sauna: Yahru is in here shedding his skin with the aid of 2 gladiators rubbing lotion on him. Two lotion men. Have fun!
  • Yahru, type one yuan-ti malison (MM pg 309)
  • 2 gladiators (MM pg 346)
(pg 123) 18. Yuan-ti Nests: Impossible to sneak through without magic.
  • 2 type one yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 2 type two yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 2 type three yuan-ti malisons (MM pg 309)
  • 6 yuan-ti purebloods (MM pg 310)
(pg 123) 19. Slave Grotto: Isaar has a slave boy communicate for him. The will of the slaves has been broken by trauma and drugs. nap them out of it with a DC 17 Persuasion or Intimidation check.
  • Isaar, type three yuan-ti malison (MM pg 309)
  • 2d10 commoners (names on pg 12)
  • 3 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
(pg 124) 20. Underground River: The current is not strong, not a hazard. Ring the cowbell, summon the HYDRA, which shows up in d6 rounds.

Rowboat: (DMG pg 119) AC  11 HP 50 Spd 1.5 mph holds up to 3 passengers.
  • 4 yuan-ti broodguards (pg 238)
  • Hydra (MM pg 190)
(pg 124) 21. Hydra's Lair: It lurks underwater.
  • Hydra (MM pg 190)
(pg 124) 22. Fungi Cavern: There's a dead yuan-ti covered in fungus. He's got a key. To grab the key without getting fungused, make a DC 12 sleight of hand. The key unlocks the door to area 14.
  • Green Slime (DMG pg 105)
  • Yellow Mold (DMG pg 105)
(pg 124) 23. Secret Entrance: This connects to the palace ruins (area 20b, pg 110)

That fane was a rough one. Can't wait to start work on the actual Tomb!


William Tramp said...

I am so happy this has already started

Zingbob Co said...

BTW, the group has more than 79 days to get this done. They have until her soul is devoured. Therefore they probably have 93-ish days or so. That's still not very much time, but it's something.

Joe Crase said...

I feel like I have a good handle on the exploration, except I am having a hard time determining what terrain type they are in at any given hex. Is there a standard map convention or legend I am missing?

JPUK said...

I am also happy that you are working your magic with this path. Only just picked it up today, but we will be heading over to this after we finish Strahd

Jason Brown said...

Typo: Liara in Fort Beluarian has spies in Port Nyanzaru.

Loving this write up. I used your PotA guide quite heavily while running that adventure.

Sean said...

William Tramp: Thanks! I was ready to pounce on this thing as soon as it came out.

Zingbob: Thanks! I get a little worried that the group won't have enough time. There's a lot of hexes on that map!

Joe Crase: It's all jungle for the most part, as far as I can tell. Once I'm done with the book I can say for sure.

JPUK: Thanks! From what I can see, Curse of Strahd is still mega-popular.

Jason Brown: Fixed! Thank you. This will be much more useful than the PotA guide, I think.

Zingbob Co said...

Yeah, the presence (or absence) of a ranger could mean the difference between success or failure from all of those hexes.

William Tramp said...

My only concern about this adventure thus far is the "Buy a death" feature of the marketplace. I see it can work as a great roleplaying idea "Hey, you tried to have this guy killed, he escaped into the jungle, and now he's a random encounter!" but I also am trying to figure out how to explain this to a party that may have one of the overzealous paladin types. I suppose "This is the law of this land" works just fine.

andy said...

Glad to follow your thoughts on this, I am very intrigued by the mod and want to run it but I am afraid it is not linear enough for my group. Random hex wandering seems like it could take many sessions of random encounters to hit anything ‘named’ and everyone will get bored before they stumble on the good stuff. We only get a session in every month or two so I’d lov to see any ideas on tightening up the exploration portion into a ‘greatest hits’ linear path.

Unknown said...

Hey-o. I love your guides. They're the best third-party resource I've had as a DM. I actually came here looking for PDF handouts, but you didn't have them yet. I found them available on the Wizard's website.

Thanks again!